"NAIL ON THE HEAD!  I will definitely be collaborating with Amy "The Writing Machine" Lynch again. Thanks a million!"

-Dr. Tait Martin, Chief Research Officer, The Taproot Agency


"Holy sh*t you are amazing!"

-Cindy Friedman, Owner, Sparkle Creative


"Some freelancers you like... and then there are ones who are so good you hope no one else finds out, because what would you do without 'em?"

-Kelly Eidson, Co-Founder + Head of Product & People, Moveline


"You have been wonderful to work with -- you are smart, thoughtful, dependable -- everything that anyone would want in an editor. I have loved working with you -- wish all editors were like you."

-Marjorie Cohen, Writer


"You're the best!"

-Michael Sullivan, Editor, Drive the District (Powered by General Motors)


“Amy is an outstanding communication professional with incredible skills in public relations, media relations, strategic planning, writing and editing. She is brilliant, a great leader and was one of my most outstanding employees (and, later, a client). I would strongly recommend her for any position in the communication field and she would be a valued addition to any organization.”

-Rick Oppenheim, CEO/Senior Counselor, RB Oppenheim Associates


“It is a distinct pleasure to recommend my former colleague and long-time friend Amy Lynch. Ms. Lynch and I met in 2005 while I was working as the Deputy Secretary/Chief of Staff at the Florida Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA). At that time, Ms. Lynch worked as the public relations manager in the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. 

In 2006, I promoted Ms. Lynch to communications director for the entire department. She exemplified marketing strengths that complemented the media relations job requirement of a communications director. At that time, DOEA needed a qualified public relations person who would focus attention on promoting the department’s programs for elders, as well as handle reporters and stories that emerged in the press. 

Part of Ms. Lynch’s job was to communicate and work with the Governor’s communications staff. She was always proactive, rational and responsive to the Governor’s staff. During her tenure as communications director, Ms. Lynch managed several communication staff members. She always acted professionally, motivated her staff and inspired them through example. 

I have complete confidence in Ms. Lynch’s ability to excel in any professional opportunity that she pursues. She is a team player, self-motivated and poised under pressure. I know that she will rise to any challenge that she faces both professionally and personally. She is a focused, determined individual who would be a welcomed addition to any team.”

-Ashley Stacell, Deputy Secretary, Florida Department of Elder Affairs